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The Leek Club - A boozy, brawling and bawdy tale of life in a northeast coal mining town
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Geordie Dictionary(Frank Graham)

English Accents and Dialects
Introductory survey of the main regional and social varieties of English spoken in the British Isles. Accent and dialect in the broader framework of language variation
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Hello. Welcome to a very old & old school website. As much a retro might be popular, there are plans to improve this. Pending modernisation it will still be the same old & original site. Cheers.

Alreet lads an lasses. Welcome to The Original English to Geordie translator, on the web since 1996! But whats a Geordie you may be asking yourself, in essence its them canny fowk from the North East of England sometimes wrongly but understandably mistaken for Scots or Irish to the unaquainted. The Northumbrian Association website and associated links from there will help you learn about the unique Northumbrian culture

Use the fun translator below or maybe try the new Geordie quiz, created to celebrate the new quiz book, Who wants to be a Geordie.
Certain phrases are converted quite well, but the translator simply cannot cope with parts of the dialect such as putting the words "Man" , "Like" and "Ye knaa's" anywhere in a sentence and the fact that we really have a different way of expressing things.

By the way, the use of "Man" is not restricted to sex, lasses and wifies use the word "man" when refering to each other. See some examples at the end.

Simply enter plain English text in the box below. At the end of each paragraph make sure you enter a carrage return (Enter key).

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How man mutha man. Please mother don't embarass me.
Ye knaa what ah mean leik. Do you know what I mean?
Eeeh man, ahm gannin te the booza. OK, I have had enough, I am going to the bar.
Whees i' the netty? Who's in the lavatory?
Gan canny or we'll dunsh summick. Be carefull or we will crash into something.
  Simon Newell, 1996-2004,